The January’s and February’s of our Healing Heart

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

When the first of February rolls around and you’re looking back on the year so far, perhaps like me, things haven’t turned out as you planned. Maybe you’ve messed up a New Years resoluttion, or failed to reach a monthly target. Hard times may have deflated the zeal you stepped into this new year with or maybe a streak you were on got missed for a day.. or two.

Well there’s good news. Every January is followed by a February. (At leasr in the Gregoria calendar- in Ethiopia they have 12 thirty day months and one 5 day month. But we have the luxury of a mixed set of days for each month we face.)

Why is this a luxury, you ask? Because when you’ve done a long 31 day month, a 28 day one doesn’t seem so bad. The month is cut shorter this time around, making it bite sized and easier to digest.

Recently I went to a circuit class at the gym and it consisted of three rounds of ten stations. The first round was a minute and a half, the second was just a minute and the third was thirty seconds. The first round seemed so long! My body was adjusting to the new demands I was putting on it and my mind was about ready to tap out.

The second round wasn’t so bad as now I knew what I was doing and there wasn’t as much thought put into it, but it still went on long enough to make me want to give up!

The third round was easy! In fact, in the third round I was actually starting to enjoy it and felt like I could go another round at that 30 second rate.

And I thought about how this applies to life:

Life is hard. No one said it was easy and no one promises there won’t be pain. There will always be pain. But somehow we manage to push through the pain and our lives are adjusted to take on the next round with a little more ease.

As life continues to progress, and you find Your Trainer who hovers over you and motivates you to keep pushing through, your focus starts to shift. You start to see the benefits of what you’ve been through- even if it was ugly and traumatic, something good will come out of it.

Relationships are formed that would never have been formed if you didn’t go through that thing, or a career move may have been initiated because you were forced out of a position, or maybe you just started taking better care of your health because your diagnosis made you aware that it was more of a priority than you thought.

While change is uncomfortable and difficult, there’s always a point that you get to where you start to gain momentum and find your flow. Things start to become a bit easier and not take so long anymore. Then you actually find yourself enjoying that thing you used to loathe and you feel like you could go another round.

So it is with the January’s and February’s of our healing heart. Maybe you had some work done on a layer of your heart in January and it was hard and took longer than you expected. My encouragement is this:

Because of what you learned in January, your February will be shorter. The next lesson you have to learn won’t take so long. Though you feel like you have to start all over again, you’re already one step ahead of your game. You did the hard work. You broke some ground. Now you’ve just got to till it. Now comes the sowing and then will come the reaping. Coz guess what? January is coming around again next year.

Let’s pray.

Father God, we thank you that you heal our hearts and that you do it in layers. Thank you for your kindness and your mercy and your grace. Help me to be kind to myself in this journey of not yet and still becoming. Help me to remember that things will get easier and they won’t take so long next time because you have already built in me what I need from the lessons I learned last time. Bless me with a greater wisdom as I learn from my past and help me to pursue You when I’m not sure if I can get through. You are the greatest Teacher and Trainer of all. I love you Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

This is the last devotional in my series


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