Into the Garden – Book Pre-Release

“Its not just me.”

That was the response of Selam, one of the women who had come out of the commercial sex industry into our rehabilitation home, as I shared my testimony in a group meeting one morning in Ethiopia. Even though my story was far removed from their stories of brokenness, it was still a story of brokenness. Something that is broken has no measure of HOW broken it is. If its broken, its broken.

We are all broken. And if my story of brokenness, shared on the pages of this book, resonates with someone, it was worth it.

If my being vulnerable and open allows someone to share their story so that they can find healing too, my reward is received.

If an illustration I used speaks into the life of one individual so that they see that there is hope beyond the struggle, then my goal is achieved.

Its time.

April 2019 is the time to let you all Into the Garden…

I’m opening it up and hoping that you will join me on the journey of restoration that God so beautifully displays in the Garden.

We were created for The Garden. The Garden of Eden was the perfect plan God had for humanity but we were displaced from there because someone ate some fruit! *insert face plant emoji* Yet somewhere in the depths of our being, our heart longs to return.

Actually, that fruit had power that God knew we couldn’t handle. He knew it would kill us because our minds and heart would start bearing the burden of things we were never meant to carry. We end up boxing ourselves into confined spaces that keep us from flourishing and being all that He wanted us to be.

This book invites you into the journey of discovering that journey of the Garden. I share my life story so that people can connect their stories and know that there is hope that goes beyond their current circumstances. I write it to encourage people who may feel like they’re not growing, not flourishing and not being all that they were created to be. My prayer is that what God shared with me as I wrote this book, will break you out of your current situation and launch you into your destiny.

In her first published book, New Zealand author, Michelle Zombos, compels the reader to live outside the comfort zones of their existence. In that place (portrayed in this book as the Garden), restoration is able to take place. As the undoing of the “known” makes way for the unveiling of your best self, a new identity is formed. If you have been through situations where abuse, addiction, poverty mindsets or cultural expectations have tried to keep you bound, this book will help to set you free. Through her story of healing and freedom, Michelle hopes to inspire each one of you to live out your best life and break the chains of whatever has held you back!

If you purchase before March 20th, you’ll get the first chapter emailed to you! Subscribe to my blog so we can keep you updated on the actual launch date!

Lots of Love, Michelle

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